Our Story

Stafl Systems solves the most difficult challenges of the modern era of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. Since 2010, our team has helped the top firms in the industry push the boundaries of technology and performance. Our team comes from world-leading engineering universities, including MIT. Our team members have worked for the biggest names in electric vehicle technology, and they've joined us because they want to be part of the pioneering work we're doing.

Our past projects span the most demanding applications and environments, including:

  • Battery management systems and vehicle control units for electric aircraft
  • Electrical systems for a world championship-winning electric motorcycle
  • Vehicle control units and electrical systems for the fastest street-legal electric car in the world
  • Electrical systems for the first lithium-ion powered off-road vehicle prototype from a major OEM
  • Battery management system for a major OEM electric vehicle race program
  • Vehicle control unit for an all-electric underground mining vehicle

We work with our clients to develop the best systems for their applications, using our existing products or creating new ones that further push the boundaries of technology. Contact us today.

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