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The BMS1102S Battery Monitor is designed to be used within an array of other BMS1102S Monitors and a Master BMS Controller (e.g. BMS1000M) to form a high accuracy Battery Management System. Data and commands are transmitted and received via CAN 2.0B interface which connects these units.

The BMS1102S Battery Monitor measures the voltages of 6 – 12 series connected battery cells, and can apply a 22Ω shunt resistor across each battery cell to bleed off excess charge (passive balancing). The BMS1102S also measures the resistance of up to 12 thermistors to determine cell temperatures.


  • 12 Cell Battery Monitor with Passive Balancing
  • Switchable 22Ω Shunt Resistor for Each Cell
  • 12 Thermistor Input Channels
  • 12/24V Nominal Compatible Power Input
  • CAN 2.0B Communication Port
  • DIP Switch for Setting Stack Address
  • DIP Switch to Enable CAN Termination Resistor
  • 1000V Isolation Between Accessory and Cell Voltage Domains
  • Convenient Narrow Form Factor


Parameter Conditions Min Typical Max Units
Input Power
System 12V/24V Input Voltage 7 12 / 24 32 V
System 12V/24V Input Current Active Mode 10 15 25 mA
Battery Monitoring
Cell Voltage 0 4.75 V
12 Cell Stack Voltage 14 57 V
Quiescent Battery Current Input Power Off 3.6 10 μA
Cell Voltage Measurement Error 1.4 mV
General System
Accessory – Battery Domain Isolation Voltage 1000 V
Operating Temperature -35 80 °C

Typical System Diagram

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