Case Studies

Since our founding in 2010, we have developed a number of custom EV/HEV powertrain designs, control systems and custom circuit designs for a variety of applications. From 800V high-voltage battery systems to 30V consumer products, we have applied our expertise in battery management and power control to solve our clients’ most challenging problems.

Examples of some of our previous projects are shown below. Help us make your project a success story.

High Voltage Applications


Stafl Systems provided the electronic control system and BMS for a mining vehicle. Due to the operational environment, this vehicle is continously exposed to extremely challenging and corrosive conditions. Due to the high duty cycle (20-22 hours per day), one of the challenges to solve was long-term cell-to-cell balance. Without long rest periods to perform balancing, traditional passive balancing techniques were insufficient. In this case, an active cell balancing architecture was used to enable continous cell balancing as needed across the charge and discharge cycle.


We designed and developed the control system and BMS for the world’s fastest street-legal electric car. The powertrain includes two motor cores and inverters operating at 800V and capable of a maximum power output of 550kW. The vehicle architecture utilized a distributed battery pack consisting of various sub-packs connected in series. This presented a number of challenges with a distributed pre-charge which were overcome with innovative hardware and software techniques.


With partner companies, we designed the battery, BMS, charge control system and hybrid control system for a solar powered electric aircraft. The weight and redundancy challenges present in an aircraft application presented unique tradeoffs that needed to be studied and carefully determined.

After months of ground testing, it was very rewarding to see the system take flight and perform a number of aerial maneuvers to test the aerodynamic design and powertrain.


As part of a large vehicle development program, Stafl Systems consulted on the powertrain design, control strategy and battery management system for a large Class 8 semi-truck. The design included a 300 kWh 800V liquid-cooled battery system that drove 6 drive inverters.

Managing up to 1 MW of traction power safety presented a number of challenges, including safely balancing power flow between the inverters and auxiliary power sources and systems on the vehicle.

Low Voltage Applications


Stafl Systems provided the battery management system for an electric surfboard. The 48V high-power battery provides one hour of run time in variable load conditions. The seawater environment and variable load presented a number of challenges to reliable operation.


We have played a pivotal role in the development of an innovative battery-powered consumer product that is due to be launched in late 2019. Combining unique power control and battery management, we have applied our technology to a small hand-held product. Stay tuned for more updates.

Stationary Storage


Stafl Systems was engaged to improve an existing BMS design provided by another company to correct issues that were discovered in the field. Our team performed rigorous tests on the existing design and discovered many design deficiencies and flaws in both the hardware and software. Some of these issues even led to bricked battery packs and expensive truck-rolls for field service. We proceeded to implement design recommendations to address the issues found, yielding increased reliability and accuracy of calculated values (SOC, SOH and SOE).


We are developing the power flow control system and BMS for a battery-backed electric vehicle fast charging system. This unique system combines battery-backup, AC grid interaction and solar integration.


Stafl Systems’ team of experts have developed many advanced EV/HEV systems and are frequent contributors to many e-mobility and energy storage projects, including electric cars, race vehicles, marine applications, stationary ESS and aircraft.

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